Perform a detailed analysis of the people´s behaviour, according to their types of geo-habits. Generates basic reports from its Big Data Mobile of stays and its model B2H.

  • Discovers unknown customer’s data, and understand potential customer’s habits.
  • Design creative interactions with customers.
  • Identify clues on how to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Identify temporality adjusted to human habits.


Analyze the data from the geographical point of view: which volumes of App users visit a location and when, differ user profiles between local and other clients, identify your competition´s client profiles, etc.

  • Understand a site´s influx of visitors by profiles.
  • The analysis dimensions of the layer POIs model and the B2H model is at your full disposition.
  • Identify temporality adjusted to human habits.


Analyze the evolution and results of mobile marketing actions: impact (notifications sent), opening rate (similar to CTR), number of qualified customers (CPL), store traffic indicators…

  • Evaluate the success and performance of mobile marketing actions.
  • Explores the most efficient contexts for actions.
  • Identify the evolution of the experiences in real time. Allowing you to adapt the criteria action according to the data shown. Increase your campaign´s success.
  • Understand traffic-to-store indicators.

Data Science

Offering almost unlimited possibilities for the study and research of business intelligence: traditional analysis tools, OLAP, geographic, etc. Use new tools, allowing the exportation of pre-processed data to your analytical environments.

  • Use our pre-processed B2H model.
  • Read reports with maximum granularity.
  • Scalable infrastructure is provided in the cloud for later analysis.