Real-time Data Acquisition

Sending the registered geographical data in the mobile to GEOQ Cloud, generating a history. This history will allow to infer the user´s geo-habits thanks to an advanced analysis.

  • Generates a huge volume of data, recording places and stays.
  • Raises notifications of proximity to active place / POI.
  • Enables attribution.

Geo - Habits

Provides access to the B2H model showing the structure of activity patterns and their associated habits. It facilitates the parameterization according to the specific requirements.

  • Defines geo-habits of your interest.
  • Allows the addition of geo-habits from new layers of POIs.

Behavioural Segments

Access the existing behavioural segments in GEOQ of the B2H model by selecting those segments which are interesting for commercial actions. Configure new segments from geo-habits.

  • Defines general segments or specific segments for a campaign (experience).
  • Add general segments to the model or specific to each App.


Integrate GEOQ data with other sources, whether they come from you, or any other third party.

  • Complete your 360º vision with behavioural information.
  • Integrate external information to define geo-habits and segments.
  • Exports geo-habits and segments.