Rich Media Formats

Design mobile marketing actions according to a target segment, depending on the purpose of the action (brand enhancement, increased linkage, generation of store traffic, etc.). Include the design of rich media interactions and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies.

  • It offers innovative and impressive formats.
  • It allows attribution mechanisms.
  • It does not consume advertising inventory in the App, it is launched from GEOQ with silent or push notifications.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augment your perception, superimposing content on what your mobile camera sees.

  • Enables augmented vision.
  • Identify objects using image recognition.
  • Display virtual objects bound to a location.


It facilitates the design of gamification dynamics and mobile games. Starting from the marketing objectives, we build a game where we can integrate the business rule engine, RA (Augmented Reality) and the usual participation components (point management, rankings, sharing in social networks ...).

  • Engage with your target audience.
  • Increases the will to provide true information.
  • Reconfigure the game in real time with the community managers, creating a dynamic experience.
  • Change your games from the App SDK. No updates needed!

Foot Traffic

Design dynamics and interactions to attract target audience to the selected points of sale. Integrating rich media formats and augmented reality with an action methodology to increase your store traffic.

  • Generate eligible customer´s visits, linked to points of sale.
  • Track the conversion rate.
  • Allows attribution mechanisms.