Defines your marketing action´s target. Design your segments by your geo-habits.

  • Choose the target for a mobile marketing action.
  • Improve the effectivity of the campaigns.


Define where to deploy your marketing action. Active POIs are placed in specific places with an established action radius. When a user enters that radius, the corresponding action will be launched.

  • Place digital billboards around active POIs.
  • No physical equipment in the beacons is required.


Define when to trigger the marketing action to the second, or define a behaviour context.

  • Choose the favourable personal situations that will lead to a successful marketing action.
  • Maximize your marketing action’s propensity score.


Define special situations about non-related GEOQ that will trigger marketing actions. Integrate your external events or third party sources and it cross-reference this data with a profile, context, device location, etc.

  • Integrate with either a third party, or your data services in an open and standardized way.
  • Generate alerts, purchases, redemptions, etc ... which only the client can identify.